MTI Solutions: Q&A | Cleveland Clinic

We reached out to some of our customers to learn more about how our solutions are impacting their programs and patients.

Here are comments from Jose Angel Ramos, BS, RRT, Cleveland Clinic

Q: What were the key factors that differentiated MTI from other Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) companies? 

A: First and foremost, the customer service, no matter how good a product is, without reliable customer service, the product is worthless. MTI has done a great job assisting our patients. The ease of use of the product from both the user and the setup team couldn’t be easier. 

Q: How does the GoSpiro® differentiate itself from the other spirometers you evaluated? 

A: The data is fast, reliable, and uploads in real-time allowing the customer/patient to focus on giving their best instead of being frustrated with having to sync their data elsewhere. The other huge plus is that MTl’s spirometer results are reproducible compared to the top PFT vendor equipment. 

Q: How long have you been working with MTI and deploying their technology to your patients? 

A: Since November of 2017 

Q: What are the key benefits of monitoring your patients on the MTI CarePortal? 

A: Older device did not upload any data and it was a trust between the patient and clinicians that the results were real and also with good technique. With the MTI CarePortal, this all goes away, we can quickly identify quality results and also set alarms to alert us of potential patient care needs which can be addressed in real-time over the phone and triaged versus scheduling a future appointment. 

Q: How has the support been for the MTI products and solutions? 

A: This could not be better, anytime there is a concern from a patient, they can call MTI and get assistance and if the concern is either corrected or not, we are notified and what they will do to resolve the issue.

Q: Any additional remarks on MTI? 

A: MTl’s product has successfully saved the patients and the hospital precious time and money to allow for others to be cared for in timely manner.