MTI Solutions: Q&A | MD Anderson

We reached out to some of our customers to learn more about how our solutions are impacting their programs and patients.

Here are comments from Ajay Sheshadri, MD, MSCI, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Q: What were the key factors that differentiated MTI from other Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) companies? 

A: We have been working with MTI since 2015, and have remained closer partners with them in home monitoring for a few reasons. First, the team is friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. MTI’s CEO, Michael Taylor, has tremendous experience in deploying successful monitoring programs, and we immediately connected on our vision for how to bring this to hematopoietic cell transplant recipients. Alex Stenzler is a true expert in pulmonary physiology and helped us develop strategies to bring lab-grade spirometry to the home. Both have been great partners over the years, and the collaborative spirit and vision have been crucial to our success.

Q: How does the GoSpiro® differentiate itself from the other spirometers you evaluated? 

A: The GoSpiro spirometer is an excellent device. We found the spirometer very accurate compared to our clinic spirometers. Furthermore, we found it very easy to get patients up and running in the clinic, particularly when using their own phones. The spirometer is sturdy, but easily portable, and lasts for several years. We were very impressed by the device. 

Q: How long have you been working with MTI and deploying their technology to your patients? 

A: I have been working with MTI since 2015, planning a home spirometry program for hematopoietic cell transplant recipients. MTI was at the forefront of implementing cloud-based technologies into home monitoring programs, with Bluetooth-capable devices and powerful back-end portals that allowed us to build in real-time alerts and other custom features. The program was very well received by our study participants.

Q: What are the key benefits of monitoring your patients on the MTI CarePortal? 

A: The CarePortal allows for a few things. First of all, we can monitor large numbers of patients easily. Customizable alarms allow for focused reviews when time is short. Detailed reviews after the fact are easy due to the wealth of data stored in the portal, particularly with loops. Real-time coaching is easy to do with the CarePortal – we can call patients on the phone, and watch the loops seconds after the maneuver. In particular, the ATS technical criteria are very helpful when trying to determine how accurate maneuvers are when patients are performing spirometry at home.

Q: How has the support been for the MTI products and solutions? 

A: We have had great luck with MTI’s support. Rolling out a home monitoring program is not easy, and takes collaboration with those who are familiar with the technical aspect of things. While technical issues are rare, they need to be addressed quickly to keep things moving. MTI helped us implement rapid technical support to our patients, enabling us to deliver quality care. 

Q: Any additional remarks on MTI? 

A: We have had a great relationship with MTI, and hope it continues into the future as we scale up our home monitoring efforts. Home monitoring is at the wave of the future, and MTI is at the forefront in technology and implementation.