MTI Solutions: Q&A | OSUMC

We reached out to some of our customers to learn more about how our solutions are impacting their programs and patients.

Here are comments from Brian Keller, MD, PHD, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Q: What were the key factors that differentiated MTI from other Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) companies? 

A: In deciding on a RPM company, we found MTI’s responsiveness, IT platform, excellent communication, and eagerness to work with us and our program’s specific needs most important. We also liked the ease of use of the MTI product and ability to customize the experience for our patients.

Q: How does the GoSpiro® differentiate itself from the other spirometers you evaluated? 

A: I think the user interface on both the patient side and the clinical provider side really set GoSpiro apart. The web-based platform is easy to use with the ability to activate and deactivate patient monitoring at will as well as graphically visualize changes in a patient’s lung function over time. 

Q: How long have you been working with MTI and deploying their technology to your patients? 

A: We have worked with MTI for the past 2 years with deployment starting approximately 8 months ago.

Q: What are the key benefits of monitoring your patients on the MTI CarePortal? 

A: As a large lung transplant program, it is key that we be able to track our patient’s lung transplant function in real-time so that we may intervene early should a problem arise. The MTI CarePortal allows us to do that through its ease of use, graphical user interface, and custom notifications that can be sent to the patient or to the clinical provider.

Q: How has the support been for the MTI products and solutions? 

A: This could not be better, anytime there is a concern from a patient, they can call MTI and get assistance and if the concern is either corrected or not, we are notified and what they will do to resolve the issue. 

Q: Any additional remarks on MTI? 

A: Whether it be with IT challenges with interfacing with our medical center electronic medical record or troubleshooting a patient’s device, MTI has been very responsive to our needs and the needs of our patients.