Expanding Dublin-based Company Monitored Therapeutics Inc. Relocates within City

Dublin, OH – January 25th, 2021. A. Kevin Corvo, This Week

A Dublin-based company that provides remote patient-monitoring services is expanding its workforce by five-fold at a new location in the city.

Monitored Therapeutics Inc. will invest $650,000 as it relocates from Shier Rings Road to 5160 Blazer Parkway. Its first day of operations at the new site will be Jan. 31, said Jim Kamnikar, Chief Operating Officer. The company will occupy 17,000 square feet in a 100,000-square-foot building, which includes City Barbeque, and will move into a portion once occupied by Battelle, Kamnikar said.

Founded in 2011, MTI is a remote patient-monitoring company specializing in respiratory diseases, including COPD, asthma, cystic fibrosis and now post-COVID-19 respiratory complications, he said.

The company already was growing when the coronavirus pandemic arrived in early 2020, and as the world emerges from it, new practices and procedures are contributing to its continued growth, Kamnikar said. Monitored Therapeutics has two markets: health care and pharmaceuticals, he said.

On the health-care side, Monitored Therapeutics provides such clients as Cleveland Clinic with the ability to provide remote health care and monitoring without requiring immune-compromised patients to visit health-care facilities, Kamnikar said.

On the pharmaceutical side, there has been an increase in allowing people who have agreed to participate in clinical trials for medications to be remotely monitored, he said.

The company is relocating from a 2,500-square-foot office on Shier Rings Road to the new office on Blazer Parkway. The larger facility will allow Monitored Therapeutics to better serve its markets and improve delivery times, Taylor said. “This project will expand our small and very mobile team while growing deep roots and our commitment to the Dublin community,” Taylor said. “We’ve experienced significant growth and success over the past year and a half, and the MTI team is looking forward to building upon that from our strategic location in central Ohio.”

Dublin officials are pleased the company opted to grow in the city, said Jenna Goehring, economic-development administrator for the city. “By increasing its workforce, MTI will play a vital role in bringing high-quality jobs and skilled workers to Dublin,” Goehring said. “The city is proud to have innovative health-care companies, including MTI, grow and thrive, developing technologies that have a global impact.”