For Clinical Trials & Studies

Solutions for Clinical Trials & Studies

MTI’s GoClinic platform connects clinical trial sites with researchers, pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs). This platform gives clinical trial sites the tools needed to securely collect, monitor and communicate reliable patient data. It delivers a completely integrated system including protocol and patient specific calendars, workflow, measurement instructions and App based physiologic data collection.  

  • Deploy multiple protocols on one device  
  • Remotely add and update protocols. No installation required at the site 
  • Small, compact and wireless footprint for easy handling and storage  
  • Standardized delivery of spirometry with Avatar-Assisted Technology; eliminating site-to-site and technician-to-technician variability 

The GoClinic platform consists of Robust Measurement Apps and Bluetooth Connected Devices including: 

 Visit the GoClinic product page for additional information about this innovative platform!