Watch Lisa in Action

Meet Lisa. The World’s First Avatar with Real-Time Spirometry Coaching

In the video below, Lisa will guide a patient through three Forced Spirometry measurements using the GoSpiro® Spirometer. You will see her give the patient guidance on performing the measurements as she uses the Bluetooth data to know exactly what the patient is doing.
After each measurement she will give the patient feedback if they did not perform the maneuver correctly and instructions on what they need to do for a quality measurement that meets ATS/ERS requirements. All of the results are shown and automatically uploaded to the MTI CarePortal.

The GoSpiro® is the ONLY Spirometer that meets the new 2019 ATS/ERS Requirements, the new stringent ISO60601-1-11 Home Use Standards now required by the FDA, and the ATS/ERS Low Flow Requirements for accurate FVC measurements. 1,2,3
Learn more about how Lisa and the GoSpiro can deliver Lab Quality Spirometry in your patient’s home and your office.
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1 Sheshadri A, et al. Feasibility of home-spirometry telemonitoring in allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplant recipients. Ann Am Thorac Soc. 2020 Jul 2.

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3 Alex Stenzler, Martin Stegenga. Understanding why not all FDA cleared spirometers should be used for COPD patients. RT 2020; Vol 15;No 1.