GoWalk™ – 6 Minute Walk Test — Automates the many manual steps necessary for clinicians to administer the 6MWT.


Calculates time, delivers standardized text with voice guidance and records diagnostic results all in one application. 
  • Records baseline data for patient SpO2, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure via Bluetooth 
  • Select text  or voice guidance in 29 languages 
  • Allows patient to select baseline levels of Exertion and Dyspnea on RPE Scale 
  • Allows clinician to set study conditions including supplemental oxygen and transport, walking aids and more 
  • Timer with lap counter 
  • Event recorder – max heart rate, falls, change in oxygen flows, reasons for stopping, etc. 
  • Recovery time recorder 
  • Results calculation of distance and speed 
  • Results automatically uploaded to the MTI Careportal 


Works with: 




The GoWalk has bluetooth integration with SPO2 and Blood Pressure, offering real-time updates as the patient moves through the 6 Minute Walk Test. 



Testing & Reporting


Events are easily recorded, with time remaining and instantaneous HR and SpO2 will appear on screen Avatar assisted technology is included with 6MWT script in 29 language.

Events are reported from Baseline through Testing and in Recovery. All final results are then uploaded to the MTI CarePortal for each subject.