Avatar Assisted Technology Meet Lisa
Watch Lisa in action!
The GoSpiro is available with Lisa, MTI’s Avatar-Assisted-Technology assuring that instructions given to each patient are consistent – every time.


  • Lisa provides verbal pre-test instructions 
  • Coaches the patient in any one of twenty-nine languages 
  • Lisa reviews the measurement and provides post-test response 
  • Reviews and judges end of session defined by ATS/ERS standards and specific study protocol 
  • Results automatically uploaded to the MTI Careportal 


Works with: 



  • Coupled with the GoSpiro spirometer, Lisa provides consistent coaching to the patient in the home or clinic 
  • Pre-test instructions and full “real-time” instruction on performing the measurement are provided by Lisa 
  • Post-test response statements based on quality of the effort 
  • Proven to exceed measurement quality standards typically found in physician’s offices 

Results & Reporting

  • Lisa reviews test results, identifying errors and offering corrective instructions as well as determine whether additional efforts are required
  • Results are instantly uploaded to the MTI CarePortal