The MTI GoClinic™ Platform gives your clinical trial sites the tools they need to securely collect, monitor and communicate reliable patient data. 


The secure and simple way to connect clinical trial sites with researchers, pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs).

The MTI GoClinic™ Platform gives your clinical trial sites the tools they need to securely enroll patients, collect reliable data with Avatar-Assisted Technology and produce the necessary reports for the Clinical Trial.

Key Features Include:

  • Deploy unlimited protocols on one device
  • Remotely add and update protocols. No installation required at the site
  • Small, compact and wireless footprint for easy handling and storage
  • Standardized delivery of spirometry with Avatar-Assisted Technology; eliminating site-to-site and technician-to-technician variability.


Avatar-Assisted Technology
Standardization of tests matters when it comes to data collection. The reliability and repeatability of effort dependent tests, like spirometry, depend on the patients understanding how to perform the test. Coaching can also affect the results of effort dependent tests.

The GoClinic Avatar-Assisted Technology provides identical coaching for every test, during every session, at every site, ensuring standardization for all the tests of the trial. The Avatar has the ability to speak up to 29 different languages helping to broaden the available patient base, reducing site personnel burden, increasing enrollment levels, and test quality.