GoECG™ — A wireless, compact 12-Lead ECG


Designed to transmit 12-channel ECG data to the MTI GoClinic™, a telehealth hub for collecting and communicating data from patients at remote clinical trial sites. 


Works with: 



ECG Recording
The recording of the ECG signals occurs via standard adhesive ECG electrodes. The electrode clips at the electrode leads are suitable for connection to snap electrodes. After applying the electrodes correctly and pairing the Bluetooth®, continuous wireless ECG transmission is sent to the GoClinic.


Electrode contact failure indicator on an LED in each lead snap, making it possible to check the electrode contacts at a glance and to save time in setting up the measurement.

Automated cycling lead position LED light pattern to assure each lead is in the correct position.

Wireless connection for higher patient safety based on galvanic isolation.


  • The unit’s Bluetooth® communication operates in an invisible mode for additional security, making it inaccessible for non-paired devices.
  • A sampling rate of 500 Hz and a digital resolution of 1.94 μV provides exceptional signal quality.
  • Automated HES ECG analysis and interpretation.
  • Available with either US or International lead configurations.
  • Small and compact device.
  • Works on a single AA battery.