GoHomeTM — A telehealth communications hub for remote monitoring, communication, and care of patients at home


  • Seamless bi-directional communication with the MTI Telehealth CarePortalTM
  • Automated reminders for medications, physiologic testing, and appointments
  • Simplifies patient’s diagnostic testing with an auto-pairing Bluetooth® connection to peripheral devices, and provides easy-to-follow testing instructions
  • Automatically transfers physiologic data to healthcare providers via the MTI CarePortal
  • Allows patients to connect and communicate with physicians, pharmacists, caregivers, and other health professionals, via secure video conferencing, email, and SMS messaging


Simplified Patient Physiologic Data Collection

Patients’ diagnostic testing is facilitated with an auto- pairing Bluetooth® connection to peripheral devices.

The GoHome provides easy-to-follow, on-screen testing instructions for each type of device. 




Patient Engagement

Easily Connect and Communicate

The GoHome comes with all software pre-loaded.

Automated reminders for medications, physiologic testing, and appointments.

The GoHome enables easy and secure bi-directional communication with patients via email or SMS. Secure Video Chat with patients is available at the press of a single button.

The MTI CarePortal allows for easy communication with the GoHome, which is perfect for healthcare providers, caregivers or family members to monitor and assist the patient. Send simplified email communications with unique one-touch responses using CareTextTM