MTI CarePortal™ — A comprehensive and customizable cloud-based information portal designed for healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies


Remotely monitor, connect, and care for patients via MTI’s secure web-based telehealth CarePortal


  • Automatically receive patient physiologic test and medication data
  • Automated rules-based reports and alerts of actionable information for quick triage of patients
  • Quickly view trends of historic data for visibility to preceding and precipitous events
  • Health professionals and clinical sites connect and communicate with patients via Carebooks™


Works with: 


Data Collection

Simplified Patient Data Collection
The MTI CarePortal clearly displays the patient’s physiologic testing results in real time. Using Smartphones, tablets, or other physiological data collection hubs like MTI’s GoHome™ Patient Health Monitor, the MTI CarePortal enables the collection and display of most types of physiologic data, including:

• Forced Spirometry (Pre- and Post- Bronchodilator Testing)
• Slow Spirometry
• Exhaled Nitric Oxide
• ECG, Pulse Oximetry
• Blood Pressure
• Glucose Meters
• Weight
• Questionnaires
• And more


Quick Triage of Clinical Dashboard
The MTI CarePortal’s Clinical Dashboard allows for quick, single- screen monitoring of patient’s status. Quickly triage patients based on your specified metrics and receive actionable data alerts to prioritize care. Short and long term trending of historic data provides visibility to preceding and precipitous events.


Automated Rules-Based Alarms and Alerts
Create alarms and alerts for individual patients or patient groups at individualised thresholds to provide actionable notifications. Alarms/Alerts can be sent via email or SMS and can be assigned to multiple individuals (physician, case manager, nurse, site coordinator, clinical research associate, etc.). Automated patient reminders to improve treatment adherence, including medication and testing reminders.